A quick and easy guide on the various types, colours and textures.

Carpets are a popular and timeless floor covering choice across the UK due to the warmth it provides underfoot and insulating properties during the winter. They give a room a touch of elegance and cosiness and come in a vast range of colours, they can give a room a completely different appearance.

Before moving on to advice on how to choose a carpet for your home, let’s look at the advantages of this type of flooring choice. 

Carpet is used mainly for its thermal insulation capabilities. In fact, carpets are able to retain heat rather well and one centimetre of carpet has the insulating power of 15 cm of concrete flooring. Carpets are therefore able to make a room warmer by keeping heat locked in.

Carpet is also noise insulating, and it’s not surprisingly we often find it as a floor covering in hotel rooms, bedrooms, passage ways and even recording studios.

Another property of carpet is that of retaining dust which is dispersed in the air, reducing it by up to 80%. This dust can then be eliminated by vacuuming frequently and professionally cleaning it a few times a year.


How to choose carpet colour?

When choosing a carpet, obviously the most important choice is the colour. A good strategy can be to draw up a list of the colours already present in the room and look for a carpet in a sample book that can match the same tones and colours as some of the furnishings already present in the room.

Remember that on particularly light-coloured carpets, dust and dirt will tend to be more visible, so, it is not recommended in areas of the house that are particularly close to entrances where there is high footfall. 

Consider how much light exposure your room gets – if a carpet continuously receives strong exposure to the sun, over the years, it will tend to discolour in the areas of exposure. Consider looking for UV Resistant carpets.  


How to choose the type of carpet

There are so many different types of carpet types to choose from, it can become a maze -we’ll highlight a few to help…

The first is called Sisal carpet – tough and natural, Sisal carpets are hard-wearing, comfortable underfoot and have a contemporary, almost organic appearance. A traditional weave gives Sisal carpets their distinctive texture.


Wool carpet

Natural, sustainable and gorgeous to look at, wool is the most resilient fibre enabling it to recover quickly from footfall and retain its appearance. Wool carpets are soft, durable, easy to clean and are available in a 100% pure form or in a blend with at least 50%. Colour looks richer on wool and it provides natural heat and sound insulation and is flame retardant. Although it can be more expensive than man-made fibres, wool carpet is so long-lasting it’s seen as an investment by many.


Polyamide (Nylon) carpet

Tough and durable, polyamide carpets are easy to clean. An ideal choice for a family home, polyamide doesn’t flatten easily and springs back into shape, keeping the carpet looking sumptuous and beautiful. The new generation of Nylon carpets are super soft.


Polypropylene carpet

Soft to the touch yet stain-resistant and incredibly hard wearing, polypropylene carpets offer excellent value for money and are ideal for pretty much anywhere in the home. Easy to clean, a bleach mix can be used on particularly tough stains.


Polyester Carpets

The fibre is non-allergenic and highly stain resistant and softer than any other carpet fibre. Furthermore, it is ideal for high-traffic areas, and it is highly resistant to moisture, fading and staining. Polyester by nature has a high lustre appearance, which translates into carpets of beautiful colours.


Once you’ve considered the varying functions for the carpets in your rooms and you understand your carpet options, it’s time to take a look at a full range of high-quality carpets. They are all available in a variety of colours to complement the décor throughout your home.


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